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Yildiray Gencer; “We are planning to establish a Balkan Seed Growers Association”

Yildiray Gencer; “We are planning to establish a Balkan Seed Growers Association”

Balkan Seed Growing Workshop hosted by Trakya University was held in Edirne.

President of TÜRKTOB, Yildiray Gencer said that it is planned to establish the Balkan Seed Growers Association in Edirne with the participation of seven Balkan countries.

Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Sahin, Trakya University Rector Dr. Yener Yörük, Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Crop Production General Manager Gümüş, Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) and Sub Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSÜAB) Chairman of the Board Yildiray Gencer, Provincial Police Director Dr. Rahmi Baştuğ, Edirne Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Orhan Sarı, Edirne Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board Özay Ozturk and provincial directors of institutions as well as and a large number of invitees are participated the workshop held at the Balkans Convention Center with the contribution of TÜRKTOB and TSÜAB.

Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) Chairman of the Board, Yildiray Gencer stated that they are quite happy for being in Edirne, notd that they started Balkans Agriculture Congress earlier this week.

Gencer stated that they performed Balkans Seed Workshop with the contribution of TÜRKTOB and TSÜAB, and added that “We have approximately 700 participants. We have participants both from Balkan countries and our neighbors. This is very important to us, because we as Turkey Seed Growers Association is representative of the sector, organized structure in Turkey. We are carrying out important works in order to develop seed policies and seed structure on our ministry in Turkey”.

We are trying to establish a Balkan Seed Growers Association

President of TÜRKTOB, Gencer said that there is also another importance of this workshop for Edirne, added “We want to establish Balkans Seed Growers Association centered Edirne again in the upcoming period. In this scope, Balkan Seed Growers Association will be established following this workshop together with our guests from seven Balkan countries. In this sense, this is such an important workshop. In the Balkans, we have undertaken a significant work as Turkey. This is really an exciting situation for both of us and for the sector”.